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cast resin, PVC, LED lights, electronics (series of 7 different giant nightlights)

The comforting glow of a nightlight and the nostalgia of childhood toys are combined to create this light-based installation. Composed of 7 giant nightlights, each one is shaped like a different vintage toy plugged into a large constructed outlet. Motion sensors embedded in the front of each nightlight activate the pieces, lighting up the nightlights when people pass in front of them. Each giant nightlight (approximately 5 ft tall) were installed around Findlay Market, and when people walked in front of the sensors, the nightlights turned on for a short time. The longer people interacted with the sculptures, the longer the nightlights  glowed. The focal point of each nightlight is a cast-resin large replica of classic popular children’s toys - paying tribute to Cincinnati’s history with toy making. Frosted white large reproductions of the toys (i.e. a dinosaur, teddy bear, robot, etc) perch in the outlets, waiting for people to light them up!

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