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granite, weathering steel, fabric


This permanent sculpture was created during a 3 week long residency at the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH. I was invited to attend as 1 out of 4 international artists that year. The mountainous sculpture garden is free and open to the public, and was once an old granite quarry. All the sculptures on the mountain use the granite in some way, and they teach artists how to work with it. This piece speaks to the people who have lost their homes due to natural disasters, and the long time it takes to rebuild - both physically and mentally. I had moved to Baton Rouge for graduate school only 6 months after Katrina occurred, and yet people were still rebuilding when I was leaving 3 years later. We all have felt loss and the hopelessness that can go along with it, yet it’s through staying strong and working together that we can rebuild.

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