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cotton fabric, polyfil, fabric paint (edition of 49)

2006 - Present

My interest in psychology and sleep studies took me to studying nightmares in myself and my family/friends. NightBears is a piece consisting of 49 handmade white fabric bears that hang on the wall. On each of the bears’ stomachs is an image of a particular nightmare, completed in the iconic style of street sign imagery, so as to be easily understood. Uplighting helps to intensify the eerie quality in this piece. This work deals with the mystical powers of teddybears, how they are seen as “miracle cures” to children when it comes to issues of sleep troubles (nightmares) and comfort. However, at some point in life, the realization occurs that the teddybear has no control over sleep habits or general wellbeing and what the child was taught is essentially false. The arrangement of 49 teddybears arranged on the wall has a very overwhelming and eerie feeling to the viewer, the same feelings that occur when a child realizes that what they were taught is wrong. This piece was created as an ongoing series, with people purchasing the bear(s) they identify with most and taking them into their homes, and then a new handmade version of that same bear's image is replaced. Each NightBear is labelled on the back with it's image number and version number.

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